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Companies can also use video to strengthen company culture – especially for companies with employees in remote locations - by using video to showcase innovative ideas, encourage community involvement, highlight volunteer efforts, or recognize an employee of the month.

Our global economy can make it difficult for companies to create a sense of community. Again, video provides the solution. Both live-streaming and produced video can bring together management teams in remote locations or suppliers from around the globe to share best practices.

3. Let Your Video Serve As a Community Hub

Since the quality of any company is only as good as the quality of its employees, it makes sense to use the same powerful tool – video – to cast a wide net for hiring.  A properly placed recruitment video will extend your reach and increase the pool of candidates from which you will be able to choose. By clearly and unambiguously showcasing your unique corporate climate, the nature of your business, and your essential expectations, you greatly increase the likelihood and efficiency of finding a proper fit.

2. Enhance Your Recruitment Efforts

Through the use of training videos, you can ensure that all of your employees receive the same information in the same way and at the same time. Best of all, your employees can view them remotely and can pause them, review them and share them.

A well-thought-out and produced video is the single best training tool any company can use. Video takes the guesswork out of interpreting text and the boredom out of sitting through a lecture. Training videos can be produced to be concise and engaging. According to the Wharton Research Center, people retain only about 10% of what they hear but upwards of 50% of what they see. With a video, your employees can both see and hear your training information – whether it be internal corporate communications, procedural training, safety training, or media training.

1. Video Is Your Most Powerful Training Tool

It is an undisputed fact that video has become a powerful – if not indispensable – marketing tool. A recent study by A.C. Nielsen reported that people in the U.S. watched more than 21 billion videos online annually. Other statistics indicate that consumers are up to 85% more likely to purchase a good or service after viewing an explainer video. The digital age has certainly brought the persuasive power of video to a wide range of platforms and consumers. But the same accessibility and immediacy of video communication should be brought to bear as a valuable means of strengthening your business from within.

by Ria Nicholas

Three Ways You Should Use Video to Strengthen Your Corporate Community